2007maine_004_2 Last month Diane Ladd talked about how being outdoors and connecting with nature is helpful for people with ADHD. I listened to her Free ADDing FOCUS class and thought it made a whole lot of sense. I thought about getting out in nature on a more regular basis but didn’t do much more than think about it.

Then last week I went to visit family in Maine for a few days. I was surrounded by trees and nature and really did feel a lot more focused. It’s not that I didn’t believe Diane but I really needed to experience it for myself.

After I get back next week from the ADDA Conference, I’m definitely going to add more outdoor time to my schedule!

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    • Mike Doyle

      Getting closer to nature helps with all areas of my life, I find, not just my ADHD. For me, it’s just calming, spiritual, perspective-setting. You don’t need to go far afield (pun intended). A walk through a neighborhood with trees can do wonders, and almost anyone can find that, city dweller or suburbanite.

      Mind you, my suburban friends don’t believe that about the city, but everyone’s mileage varies. I live in the middle of downtown Chicago, and my favorite walk, a 75-minute loop north from the Loop and back down offers plenty of tree-shaded, planter-laden streets along the way. When you go looking for nature, wherever you are, you tend to find it!

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