I just got back from the ADDA Conference this evening and am so tired. I started off my morning by double checking to make sure I had my car/house keys before leaving the hotel for the airport. I found them in my bag the night before so I was just double checking.

OMG…They weren’t there!! I start panicking and thought my husband who just left to catch an earlier flight packed them in his stuff by mistake. So, of course I called him on his cell all upset! He didn’t have them either!!

With about 20 minutes before I was scheduled to catch the shuttle to airport I knew the only thing to do was to dump out everything I had already packed! Of course they were on the very bottom on my suitcase!

So as I said before and so tired from my trip and the ADDA Conference. I was just standing in my kitchen and was hearing strange voices. At first I thought it was the TV in the bedroom! It wasn’t though! Then I was starting to think that I must be even more tired than I thought I was.

I finally realized that the sound was coming from my bag which was on the kitchen chair. I forgot to put my iPod in the lock mode and somehow it came on! I wasn’t as tired as I thought! There voices weren’t in my head they were coming from a podcast in my iPod!!!

Even though I may not be tired enough to be hearing voices I am still really tired and am off to bed!

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