Last fall started offering the option to listen to our live Free Teleseminars over the Internet in addition to the telephone. members have been really happy with this option and our international membership has dramatically increased too.

Because our ADD Coaching Programs are small and interactive we don’t offer the webcast option. Participants must call in using a telephone to participate live. I’ve recently been getting people telling me that they would love to participate in some of the ADD Coaching Programs but they can’t afford the long distance charges.

I was kind of surprised to hear this from those living in the united states. I thought most people had cell phone plans with long distance. I’ve been using an unlimited monthly plan for close to 10 years now on my personal land line phone and my business phone. I currently use Vonage for my business phone which costs about $30 per month.

I’ve also heard great things from other people about Skype Out. There are different Skype Out plans that range from about $3 to $10 per month. Some people purchase special phones through Skype but many just use the mic that’s already built into their computers.

I just recently purchased the Magic Jack and for the most part it’s worked very well. I had problems talking on it in the middle of a thunder storm last week in a hotel room. However I think it had more to do with a bad Internet connection than the Magic Jack itself.

The Magic Jack costs about $40 for one year of service which includes calls to the US and Canada. Those who live in other countries or travel to other countries can just plug in the magic jack and call the US or Canada. If you do order the Magic Jack, special offers will be thrown at you at the end. They give you the option to purchase up to 5 years of service.   

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    • Judi Jerome

      Well, I jumped right in and ended up (by mistake) buying the magicjack for 5 years.THEN I read the fine print. Even an ADHD Coach who spends her life practicing mindfulness gets too overly excited once in a while and totally blows any and all ability to even remember that mindfulness exists. I am hoping for the best. I am going to try to forget about the fine print & the nightmares I could have because of it. I am going to hug Tara, smiles and cheers, judi

    • Magic Jack

      hey, yeah you’re right magic jack is great I have had it and been using for my business also.. for the bad connection issue; all you need is a high speed or dsl connection and that should solve the issue for you.

      I had that problem before then I switched it to a high speed connection and it worked fine.

      another thing you might want to consider is that when using your magic jack to make phone calls, a lot of times if you are downloading something or browsing the net or streaming videos that will also result in a bad connection.

      overall thanks for the post very informative

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