This my 400th blog post! When I started My ADD Blog I really had no idea that I would ever have this many blog posts. I’m rather proud of myself for blogging consistently over the past 3 years too! I thought about posting links to some of my favorite or most popular entries in this post. Knowing myself I knew I would get too distracted by them and end up doing something besides writing my 400th blog post.

However, I will post links to some of my favorite categories:

ADD Moments

ADD Tools

ADD Support

ADD Awareness

So what’s next?

I’m looking forward to my 500th Blog post! I thought about challenging myself to write 100 blog entries in 100 days. Then I thought about how realistic that was for me. It’s not a very realistic goal and I don’t want to disappoint myself when it doesn’t get completed. So my new goal is to write my 500th blog post before the end of 2008!

I’ll keep you updated here by letting you know when I write numbers 425, 450, and 475.

    2 replies to "400th Blog Post"

    • Jan Tallent

      congrats and I look forward to the next 4,000!

      jantallent on twitter 🙂

    • Bryan

      WoW congrats! 400! That’s awesome… I think I am at 230 or so. I like how you can keep yours so concise and say what you want to say. I sometimes feel as though I have not gotten all my thoughts out there…

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