Disorganized_mind I’m somewhat amused by some of the Amazon reviews and comments about The Disorganized Mind written by Nancy Ratey. Some of the Amazon reviewers think there’s some type of conspiracy or something because several of the reviews are from ADHD Coaches.

The funny thing is that The Disorganized Mind is about Self-Coaching. Self-Coaching does not involve hiring an ADHD Coach. The ADHD Coaches who reviewed the book did so because they truly think the book is helpful for Adults with ADHD. The Disorganized Mind talks about strategies that people with ADHD can use on their own.

So the those of us ADHD Coaches who have reviewed and praised The Disorganized Mind are actually risking losing some business! It’s really too bad that some of the people reviewing and commenting on Amazon have NOT even read the The Disorganized Mind yet either!

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