I was just laughing out loud at the Blog post that Jennifer Koretsky wrote about the Olympics. Boy I can really related to being bored by most of the Olympics. I had no intention of watching the Olympics at all this year. Part of it was because I do find most of the stuff boring! The other reason is that I had no idea when anything was on and couldn’t sit through Water Polo or Volley Ball to find out when Swimming or Gymnastics were on.

Now that the Olympics are just about over I’ve learned that Swimming comes on around 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm and there are some Gymnastics in between. Yes, I have become a Michael Phelps fan and only part of that is because he has ADHD. I also think that the swimming competitions are short enough and exciting to enough to keep the attention of somebody like me with ADHD.

I had the equestrian (horse) stuff on for a bit one night. All I could do was wonder how they got the horses over to China. In that same night my husband had control of the remote control for a few minutes and put on Bull Riding. I was only partially paying attention and asked if it was the Olympics. He told me yes and I figured it must of been. After a few minutes he told me he was just kidding.

So I guess my point is that a lot of the Olympics can be boring for somebody with ADHD. All I know is that once I figured out when Michael Phelps was on that part has been exciting for me to watch!

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    • Michiko

      Wow, Michael Phelps has ADHD?! That is certainly news to me. Even though he may not choose to become a spokesperson in any ‘offical’ sense, it’s exciting to see someone with ADHD accomplish such great things.

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