My mother just sent me an email this afternoon that put a smile on my face!

Mom: Does this mean you are a celebrity
now?  That is my old tennis partner.

Tennis Partner: Haven’t seen you in ages, hope everything is going well.  I was
reading a blurb on an ADD Conference and saw the name Tara McGillicuddy
listed…is that your daughter?

 Others included on the panel of presenters are Dr. Edward Hallowell, Dr.
John Ratey, Wendy Richardson, Sari Solden, Dr. Michele Novontni, Dr. Thomas
Phelan, Dr. Patricia Quinn, Wilma Fellman, Sarah Wright, Dr. Kenny Handleman,
Sandy Maynard, Linda Anderson, Nancy Ratey, Dr. Terry Dickson, Kate Kelly, David
Giwerc, Tara McGillicuddy, Jodi Sleeper-Triplett and Hal Meyer.

FYI:  My mother’s old tennis partner is referring to the Virtual AD/HD Conference that I will be presenting at in September.

    2 replies to "Yes, I am a Celebrity Now…"

    • Jen Koretsky

      That’s very funny! They say “kids say the darndest things,”…no, MOTHERS say the darndest things! 😉

      And tell your mom that yes, you ARE a celebrity and have been for quite some time!

    • Terry Matlen

      That is a great story, Tara! And yes, you are a celebrity! You’ve also presented at national conferences before this one, y’know!


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