As many of you know last week held the first ever ADHD Awareness Marathon. Hundreds of people participated and learned more about ADHD. Not only did those asking questions learn more about ADHD so did many of the experts, including myself.

As an ADHD Coach one thing I’ve learned is that many people really don’t quite understand what ADHD Coaching is. Even with books like the The Disorganized Mind and all the classes about ADHD Coaching in the ADD Audio Library many people still don’t really understand it yet.

I think part of the reason is that many people really need to actually experience ADHD Coaching themselves to really understand it. This is the main reason I have decided to offer a Free 14 Day ADD Coaching Club Trial. For a very limited time new members can try out the ADD Coaching Club for Free and experience ADHD Coaching for themselves.

I’m honestly not sure how long the ADD Coaching Club will be offering the Free 14 Day ADD Coaching Club Trial. I do know that we do have very limited space right now in the ADD Coaching Club and I also expect that most of the people who use the Free 14 Day ADD Coaching Club Trial will really benefit from The ADD Coaching Club and continue their membership.

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