Miscommunication is something that just about everybody deals with from time to time. When a person has Adult ADHD miscommunication can not only happen more often but can be harder to deal with. Not only do the symptoms of Adult ADHD like inattention affect the situation but so do events from the past.

I’m still amazed at how easy it is for me to automatically assume the worst about how others view me. It’s scary how being the last one chosen in gym class or the only girl in the class not invited to a birthday party can still affect me decades later as an adult. I guess everybody has those things from the past come back in bite them every now and then.

For many of us with Adult ADHD we tend to have more of those issues to deal with than the average person. How we deal with these issues is key to moving forward and living more effectively with ADHD. Being able to stop for a moment and assess the situation is very important. Yes, the past can trigger some emotions but we also need to look realistically at the current situations.

More often than not the world is not out to get us and people don’t really hates us…

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