Are you on Twitter yet? I’ve been asked by quite a few people lately if I think Twitter is ADHD Friendly. My answer is both yes and no! I think it’s ADHD Friendly because the posts are really short. People are forced to make their tweets 140 characters or less.

Why do I think Twitter‘s not ADHD Friendly? It’s can be a real time sucker! For those with time management issues or those who are avoiding other tasks Twitter can be more harmful than helpful. If you have ADHD and are on Twitter or any other social networking site make sure you set up and use some boundaries and guidelines.

By the way if you want to learn more about ADHD and the Internet I will be presenting ADHD Support 2.0 at the Virtual ADHD Conference.

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    3 replies to "Twitter ADD Friendly?"

    • Ian (Dore News)

      I thought this had come from someone on the Dore Talk forum at first, as I received it on Dore News. Unfortunately Dore do not recognise help when they see it and have threatened to close my forum account if I mentioned this free service I’ve provided for them.

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    • CrypticFragments

      Twitter is great for me because I use it as a promotional tool.

      But, you’re right, as w/other sites like Squidoo and Zazzle, although they earn me a combined about $90/month currently, I find myself devoting many hours a day to them and then not writing/submitting articles/stories
      or getting to the books and DVDs (study related) I wanted to…

      Not enough hours in the day!

    • Andrea

      As a technologically savvy woman with ADHD, I’m rather ashamed to admit that I find Twitter to be very overwhelming. It gives me the same feeling I get when I walk into a cluttered thrift store. “Ahh! Too much! Where do I start! Panic! Breath! OK, I’m leaving now!” Facebook is much more my style. More organized and easy to follow. Status updates are short and simple. Although, it does suck way too much of my time. However, Google’s Wave may trump both of these platforms in the future!

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