We are all humans and it’s only human nature to compare ourselves to others. I just don’t buy the advice some people give when they tell you not to compare yourself to other people. For people with Adult ADHD I think we need to be careful how we actually go about comparing ourselves to other people.

There’s really a fine line when it comes to comparing ourselves to others. We do live in the real world and most of us need to fit into society. So there are rules and norms that we do have to follow to be somewhat like the rest of the world. We do need be aware how we are measuring up to other people.

Then again we are different and need to appreciate our differences. I don’t think there is a simple answer on where to draw that line. I guess each of us needs to play around with that line to find out what works for each of us. Hopefully we won’t get ourselves into too much trouble testing out how far to move the line!

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