Yesterday I got an email from a 24 year old woman with Adult ADHD who was fed up with herself. She was having some major ADHD related issues including problems with finances. She contacted me hoping I could give her some encouragement. As an ADHD Coach a lot of what I do is to help my clients develop better strategies and systems to move forward.

However, I have come to learn that those systems and strategies are only part of moving forward. I think one of the most important things people with Adult ADHD can do is to get past the shame and forgive themselves. Believe me I do know my role as an ADHD Coach is NOT to try and improve people’s emotional states. That should be dealt with by a qualified mental health professional not an ADHD Coach.

While the deep emotional issues are something that should be addressed with a qualified mental health professional there is also a lot of power in groups. I don’t think there’s anything like connecting with other people with Adult ADHD who "get it". Knowing that you are not alone and realizing that other people also do those "quirky ADD things" can really help with getting past the shame and beginning to forgive yourself.

I really urge the woman who sent me the email and those of you reading this post to try and connect with a group of other people who have Adult ADHD. Even if it’s a bit of a drive try to attend a local Adult ADHD support group. Connect with others online at a site like ADDer World. If it’s an option register for an ADD Coaching Program.

Just find some way to connect!!!

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