A few months ago I was with a group of people who were talking about whether toilet paper should should go under or over on the toilet paper roll. I laughed and said that IF I HAD toilet paper I was very happy and if was on the roll that was just an added bonus for me.

I recently discovered that you can not only get toilet paper delivered from Amazon, but you can set up a subscription to have it delivered automatically. If you are like me and have Amazon Prime there’s no delivery charge either!

Of course you might have to do a little bit of planning or estimating to have an idea of how much toilet paper you need. I honestly have no idea how much toilet paper I go through on a weekly or monthly basis. If you over estimate and have too much toilet paper  coming to your house you can always change how often it’s delivered. 

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    • betsy davenport, phd

      Good for you. Even people who enjoy shopping (to which group I do not belong) don’t care if they hunt and forage for toilet paper!

      I now order loads of things over the web. Toilet paper, Paper towels, Laundry soap, dish soap, etc., Dog vitamins (organic of course), Medicine cabinet items like toothpaste, deodorant, all those consumables.

      UPS is out there anyway, and it’s more efficient of my (generally inefficiently used) time to carry in a case of something every 6-8 weeks than go to the store for an hour and still have to bring stuff in.

      You have to have the room for it, though.

    • Araldia

      Oh my! How fantastic! That would solve so many issues!! Thank you!!

    • Kathy

      And has a reasonable minimum for free shipping..I think it is $40. Even if I can’t set up a “scheduled” delivery, I can set up a reminder on my calendar at work to place an order. A non-add-er wouldn’t understand why that tactic wouldn’t work just as well for conventional shopping, but we all know if any time passess between the reminder and the opportunity to act upon it, forget it!

    • Kathy

      Ps, the paper goes OVER the top (so you can easily grab the end). I remember loooong ago, a dear abby letter asking her to settle it. This was in the day of “decorated” toilet tissue. Her reasoning was you wanted it to feed over the top so you would see the decorated side of the dangling tissue. Such weighty matters to contemplate!!

    • Flowers in the Philippines

      Do you think its more affordable of we order through online than to buy in the supermarket?


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