Oh no!! I’ve been tagged by Ariane Benefit! So now I need to come up with 7 things that my blog readers probably don’t know about me!!

Here they are:

1) I Kept my maiden name when I got married and still love to tell
telemarketers they have the wrong number when they can’t pronounce

2) I pronounce my first name Tah-Ra (Like Sarah) and used get really upset when people called me Tar-ah. Now, I’m just happy they aren’t calling my other things…lol

3) I first met my husband online in a Prodigy chat room in 1995

4) When I was growing up I had female dog named Oscar. My parents let
me, at 3 years old and my sister at 1 year old, name her. Oscar the Grouch
from Sesame Street must have been my favorite at the time.

5) I won most creative costume at my 8th grade Halloween Dance as a Trash Bag.

6) I am not the only Tara McGillicuddy in the world and met the/an other Tara McGillicuddy at Westfield State College in 1992.

7) I have a HUGE fear of needles and still pass out when I get a shot or have blood taken.

So now It’s my turn to tag people!!!

I am tagging:

    2 replies to "7 Things you probably don’t Know about Me!"

    • Ariane Benefit

      Thanks for participating! WE have a few things in common!

      1) I kept my maiden name too

      2) I used to really hate when people would mispronounce my name. I say “ahreearn” others say airy-ann (maybe it’s a Massachusetts thing about we pronounce our a’s like aunt we say “ahnt” here in nj they say “ant”) anyway now I’m just happy if they don’t call me “Adrian”

      3) I was on Prodigy too and then AOL 1.0 – I created my first website in 1995. Met my husband through a girl I met on AOL!

    • Sierra

      Needle-phobia is so common! I’m a blood donor so obviously I personally don’t have a problem with it, but I find it very hard to encourage people to come along with me (where I’m from, there’s no compensation for donating). I think it’s connected to control and a fear of not being in control of the situation, what do you think?
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