I’m really convinced that I have Adult ADHD and anybody who really knows me is well aware of my Adult ADHD traits. Sometimes I come across something from my past that REALLY helps me re-confirm the whole ADHD thing. This time it’s an old photo album. It’s not even the fact, that I’d been wondering where it was for months and it was right in front of me in the hall way the whole time.

It’s what’s inside of it that really shouts out Attention Deficit Disorder. There’s absolutely no rhyme or reason to the order of the photos. Some are from high school, some college, all in totally weird order!!! Then there’s a few random photos of me at 3 or 4 years old.Img_0009_new

  Oh and I can’t forget the fact that I really can’t even turn the pages at the end because there are too many pages!I remember adding more pages to the photo album too. I went out a bought more pages!! Why didn’t I just buy a whole new photo album?? Wouldn’t most people buy a whole album??

Wow…the ADHD label really does explain a lot for me!!!

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    • Araldia

      Oh I know this one, my husband is adult ADHD, and your post rings so true 🙂
      Still, it´s an explanation, rather than an excuse, knowing you have ADHD just lets you refine your coping strategies rather than just thinking you could be crazy 🙂

    • The Attention Doctor

      I have Attention Deficit Disorder. I was only twelve when my mother informed me that I was “hyperactive.” Of course, in a literal sense, this idea was no surprise to anyone who knew me; I was the original “driven” kid, never sitting still, always talking. It was the idea that this was a disorder, a definable medical entity that could be studied, that was new. My mother was a psychiatric social worker in a developmental evaluation clinic, so she was quite poised, in 1966, to finally see in print the answer to her seemingly endless quest to discover “What was wrong with Don?” In this regard, I was fortunate indeed.

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