As many people know Linda Hillger recently began a new program through ADDClasses.com called the ADD Organizing Club. Linda is still running the Adult ADD BootCamp program too. Recently Linda and I have been getting questions asking us about the difference between the 2 programs.

Adult ADD BootCamp is a very intense 6 week program which uses the ADD Audio Coach as the required text. A lot is packed into the program and those who attend all the sessions and do the work really get a lot out of the program. Those enrolling in Adult ADD BootCamp need be able to put in about 3 hours per week to the program to be successful.

The ADD Organizing Club offers 2 weekly telephone group organizing support sessions each week. The ADD Organizing Club sessions are more relaxed and members can move at their own pace. Success in the ADD Organizing Club depends more on the members commitment and not as much on the amount of time they can put into the ADD Organizing Club.

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    • Mary

      Hi Tara-
      Do you reccomend an organizer &/or the ADD Audio coach for the ADD Organizing club? I have a Mac. I understand that I can’t download mp3 files. So is there any way I could utilize the audio library or the ADD Audio Coach?

    • Jessica Klein

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