Blogging regularly when you have Adult ADHD can be quite challenging at times. Today for example I wanted to write blog post but could not think of anything to write about. Then all of a sudden I got a bunch of different ideas and couldn't decide which one to start with.

I could have written about all of them in one sitting and scheduled them to be posted some time in the future. However, that really doesn't work for me when it comes to blogging. I need instant gratification and want to see my blog posts posted immediately after they are written.

I did end up getting myself out of my natural all or nothing mode of thinking. Instead of not writing at all or writing a bunch of posts at once I chose a middle ground. I started with this blog post and wrote down my ideas for the other blogs posts in a notebook.

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    • jules

      My “middle ground” for blog posts is to write several at one sitting, but schedule them to be posted later on. That way I can have a writing frenzy when I feel it coming on and end up having “worked ahead” by a few entries! 🙂

    • Mundo Drive

      Não entendi nada, afinal não leio em inglês

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