Did anybody happen to read today's Dear Abby?

From http://www.uexpress.com/dearabby/?uc_full_date=20090223

DEAR ABBY: I recently graduated from college, but aside from that, I can't seem to finish anything I start. I am a creative and talented designer, but because I no longer have deadlines, I don't see any of my projects through to completion.

I have tried giving myself personal deadlines to no avail, because I know there will be no consequences. Then I become angry and frustrated with myself, and the piles of uncompleted work get larger and larger. It seems like I am easily bored or stressed — that's when I stop working. I long for a sense of accomplishment and pride in my abilities. Could I have a disorder? — NEEDS HELP FINISHING TH …

DEAR NEEDS HELP: Not unless being disorganized and not a self-starter is a disorder. Your inability to abide by personal deadlines will have serious "consequences" if you plan to have a career in design, because if you can't complete a project, you will have nothing to show potential clients. If you have nothing to show, you reduce the chances of being hired. So stop the self-indulgence and get moving!

For those who would like to help educate poor ignorant Dear Abby you can contact her here.

    3 replies to "Dear Ignorant Abby"

    • Jennifer Koretsky

      Wow! Thanks for passing this on, Tara. I think we’ll have to explain to Abby what she’s missing. 😉

    • Jessica

      I found your blog via Google, very interesting! OMG! I read this and the first thing that popped into my head was ADHD!(Only becuase it sounds just like me!)

    • Russ

      I have to agree with Abby here; ADHD or not, an employer isn’t going to hire someone like that or make special exceptions.

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