I really like the saying: K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid.  I go crazy when people over complicate things and like things as simple as possible. With that being said, I know that I too can sometimes make things more complicated than they really need to be. I know I could really benefit from learning how to keeps thing simple.

This why I am really excited about the free Teleseminar that is hosting on Wednesday February 18th. Ariane Benefit will be leading Simplifying Your Life : Strategies that really work for people with ADHD at 2:00 pm New York Time.

Space is limited!

Sign up now at:

Registered participants can listen to this live teleseminar for free from anywhere in the world over the Internet or call in over the telephone.

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    • Jacquelyn

      K.I.S.S. is one of my favorties! I keep my telling my 6 year olds son’s this is how he must deal with my son. Less is more when it comes to ADHD! I changed it to Keep It Simple Sweetie so I am not offending! LOL! I was just about to write on this very subject on my blog! 🙂

    • Trish

      Nice site. Glad I found it. I have been silently struggling with ADD and really found this site useful.

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