This week, February 22-28, 2009 is National
Eating Disorder Awareness Week
. For the next week ADDClasses.com is offering the audio class ADHD and Eating Disorders by Patricia Quinn, MD for free. Registered participants can listen to ADHD and Eating Disorders for free on the ADDClasses.com website.

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    2 replies to "National Eating Disorder Awareness Week"

    • Helen

      I think every week should be eating disorder awareness week. I believe eating disorders should encompass more than they do! Let’s not forget that just the fact we cannot get the proper nutrients from our foods anymore should be a part of awareness. Lack of nutrition has effected mood, behavior, focus, learning as well with illness/sickness. Better nutrition is part of the solution. It’s not going to eliminate ADD/ADHD or other challenges, but it’s…but it’s proven to help deal with it and lesson the symptoms. I’ve watched it with my own eyes and am very thankful someone made me aware. Check out this site for all-natural nutritional supplementation http://www.health-n-wellness-team.com

    • Beer and Burgers

      I declare it’s something or another day. I am partial to yell fudge at cobras myself.

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