For a while now Amazon has been offering Kindle which is a wireless electronic device for people to read books. At first I thought it was cool idea but didn't even consider purchasing it because it costs a few hundreds dollars and would not help me read all of the books I currently own. I also like to physically touch a book when I read so that I can underline, highlight, or use sticky notes.

I was really excited yesterday to learn that there is now a Kindle iPhone App. I haven't yet purchased any books yet but have downloaded a few sample chapters on the Kindle iphone app. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that I like reading on the iphone. There is only one small paragraph at a time which is less overwhelming for me than regular books.

There are quite a few ADD / ADHD Books available on Kindle like:

You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!

Delivered from Distraction

The Disorganized Mind

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    • Sharon Wilson

      New useful apps are coming out everyday for the IPhone. I’ll be sure to check out the Kindle app. Great post!

    • prairiedawg

      hi tara. i had seen your post on the addforum about mj and add from a while back. you reference an ADDA presentation you attended. do you by chance have a copy of that presentation or now how i could see it. i have many symptoms of add and also smoke a lot of pot. if i want to understand better how mj may be affecting me and minimizing or exaggerating these symptoms. thx in advance.

      here’s the post from 2002 for your reference:

    • Cate

      I just got the Kindle2 and I love it! You won’t miss reading on paper. It’s awesome!

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