So, I was taking a look at my blog stats today and somebody found my blog by searching for adhd wife spits on husband through Google. This is one of the most interesting search terms I've seen in quite some time. Somebody did find my blog last week searching for information about Michael Phelps and his penis size but I didn't think that was interesting enough for an entire blog post.

For the life of me I can't understand why the post Married to ADHD comes up #3 in Google for adhd wife spits on husband. There's no mention of the word spit in the actual blog entry or the comments. At least I can see how somebody found the blog searching for Michael Phelps' Penis Size. I've written a few different entries about Michael Phelps and also the posts Penis Size and ADHD & ADHD Penis.

I can only imagine what's going on in a marriage where a woman with ADHD is spitting on her husband! Or does the wife of a man with ADHD spit on her her husband…I guess I'll probably never know…but it makes me wonder and gives me something to write about on my blog today!!

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    • Northeast guy

      I have ADD and my wife has spit in my face repeatedly. Most recently was a couple weeks ago.

    • JackSheppardio

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