This coming Monday, June 8th I will be speaking at the Virtual ADHD Family Summit about Women and Girls with ADD/ADHD. The Virtual ADHD Family Summit is free and you can listen via the telephone or internet. My interview begins at 9:00 pm EDT.

Next Tuesday and every Tuesday morning Becca Colao will be hosting a chat over at the Women with ADHD Online Community. This chat is free and open to all members of the Women with ADHD Online Community. Just log into Women with ADHD and click the chat link towards the bottom right of the site.

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    • Jill Ahearn

      I am in need of some advice, on the relationship issues and women.My boyfriend has kicked me out and I am not handling it good at all. There is a lot more and I am not exactly patient enough at this moment to explain. I just wanted to at least take a chance. Every time I go to right something my mind gets overwelmed with what to say and how to ask it.I’m Probably not even writing this in the appropiate site but I had to start somewhere or I would never start.

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