Did you see today's Dr. Phil Show about Adult ADD? I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the show. In all honestly I don't usually watch Dr. Phil because his arrogance usually irritates me too much. I think that both Dr. Hallowell and Dr. Phil did a great show and brought some much needed attention to Adult ADD and how it impacts personal relationships and marriages. I really hope that people who watched it are able to get the help they need.

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    • Dena

      I admit, like you, I don’t care for Dr. Phil. But, I stumbled across his show Thursday. I came in at the moment that they had the man in the kitchen asking him to make dinner for his wife. While I’m able to cook a meal without problems, there were other things that Ned pointed out and commented on that sounded like me. I stuck around to see the rest of the show. I was absolutely overwhelmed (and am an still brought to tears)to find so many of my current struggles being listed as classic ADD symptoms. I considered getting someone to help me get organize… I was trying to find someone to coach me on goal-setting… I looked into herbs to help me concentrate… I was used to my friends laughing at my “blonde moments”. I NEVER imagined that all these issues had one source. I immediately went online and started doing some research. I am now so emotional about it because my under-acheiving, procrastinating, lack of time management, etc that threaten my self-employment and my relationship CAN BE TREATED. I thought this was just the person I grew up to be, complete with all its flaws.

      That was just 2 days (and many tears) ago, but I finally feel like there’s hope. I went to the bookstore and bought “The Disorganized Mind” by Nancy Ratey. I’ve also located an ADD Coach in my area. I’m going to call my health insurance about seeing a doctor. I’m excited, aprehensive, but determined to “fix” myself!

      Wish me luck =)

    • Rose Gebhart

      To me it is amazing to find out that women also have this disorder. my 13 year old son was recently diagnosed and i always thought it was predominently a guys thing, esp teenagers

    • ann

      Please tell what date the show appeared… I am at my brink of breaking…too many things to tell…. soo happy for you! All the best on your journey… Debanr@hotmail.com thnk u

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