I just have to share this email I got about my Evils of Facebook Blog post. It put a huge smile on my face!!

As an adult with ADHD, accompanied by a smidge of dyslexia, I've been
looking up ADHD blogs on google lately. I've been considering writing
one myself.

 I came across your blog. And was intrigued and quite curious to read what I thought said "The Elvis of Facebook."

Quite a number of seconds went by while I pondered "The Elvis of
Facebook" and how this could possibly relate to ADHD…I wondered, IS
There an Elvis of Facebook? Fascinating!

After a brief mind-journey into who could this Elvis of Facebook
possibly be, the letters miraculously unscrambled to reveal your
actual, as-written title. Oh, the Evils of …


So, you have inspired me already and I haven't even read your blog yet. Though I look forward to it…

If we can't laugh at ourselves, we miss out on a lot of fun.


I very well could have put Elvis instead Evils since I do tend to make some typos myself…

    5 replies to "Elvis, ADHD and Facebook"

    • Kali

      That is so typical of people with ADHD. Too funny. The same thing happen to me when I was on the subway platform and I saw a poster for a new Hollywood film at the time called The Ruins. All day I thought to myself, “How can Hollywood possibly produce a film called THE RUNS?” What the hell can it possibly be about? The Runs?? 🙂

    • Batu

      i like it

    • Adi Ferguson

      This made me giggle. I can sooooo relate!
      We are a funny bunch, us ‘adult ADDers’.

      Enjoy the journey!


    • Addy

      *lols* I do that, and I’m technically not dyslexic. Sometimes I think my brain goes with the most interesting interesting option.

    • watch gossip girl

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