Should you tell other people that you have ADD / ADHD? That's a common question asked by people with Attention Deficit Disorder. There really isn't a one size fits all answer to this question though. If you are wondering who you should tell, who you shouldn't tell, and how to tell people about ADD / ADHD then make sure you attend tonight's Free Teleseminar "To Tell or Not to Tell" with Dr Ari Tuckman.

If you are not able to make tonight's live Teleseminar you will be able to listen to it later by Subscribing to the ADD Audio Library.   

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    • Joseph M. Rice

      Hey.. My name is joe.. I’ve been diagnosed with adhd when i was younger.. I know tha there’s help out there but i just cant get it.. I’ve been on and off homeless for the past 4 or 5 years, in and out of jobs.. And it’s to the point that i cant get a job.. I’m at the end of my rope.. And i’m ready to give up.. I moved from rhode island to massechusetts to find a job so i can move my kids and fience up here.. And no luck with a job… Please, i’m askin for help.. I dont know what to do… Please.. I’m not trying to scame anyone.. I just want my life back together…

    • Jay

      Join Therapy247 today, it’s free.

      The aim of is to help people with afflictions to conquer self defeating behaviour. We need some form of order or path to follow such as following “the A’s” or following a “Just for Today” guide. Keywords and affirmations are good ways of centering our behaviour and thinking. Let the us know how you are doing via a daily blog or by joining a Therapy 247 Club and sharing with us your triumphs and your set backs. Remember, we know how you feel! Share what you have done TODAY to attack your problem with other Therapy 247 members. Sharing your experiences can help so many people including yourself!

    • Worried Father

      Hi, I am only interesting in find that if this is really like it says.

      I really don’t have much experience in this, but sure would like to know.

      Thank you.

      P.S. I like your blog.

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