Yes, I am coming right about and saying it. Most people with ADHD do not make good liars! Some people with ADHD can and do come up with some very believable and sometimes even great lies. Manipulation can often be a strength for people with ADHD. Just look at how many adults with ADHD are in sales, marketing, and politics.

Being a good liar takes more than just coming up with a good lie. It's takes careful planning and remembering! Liars need to remember exactly what lie they told and which people they told the lie to. If you can't remember where you put your keys or when to pay your bills you probably won't remember all the details required to be a good liar.

Also, most people won't call you out on your lies either. Just because you didn't "get caught" doesn't really mean people believe your lies.

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    • Rose Gebhart

      thought this was interesting although it had no scientific research to back it up. My 14 year old has ADHD and when he does try to lie, he always trips himself up. He also gets caught alot when he trys to get away with stuff. I seem to pop up where he is or somehow find out. Thank God

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    • Kali

      Yeah, Ive always told my friends. If you ever want to rob a bank, don’t bring me with you. 🙂 I may be one of the worlds most transparent liars. I see you launches a new ADHD for Women Forum. I’ll check it out.

    • Katie

      i try to lie but it doesn’t work… I no i shouldn’t i just kinds do it:(

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    • Raksha

      Somehow I missed this post earler. I’m such a bad liar that for most of my life I haven’t even tried. Although I pride myself on my reputation for honesty, the truth is that I’m making a virtue out of necessity. I just can’t do it, even when lying would be to my advantage. My mother was the same way. I never connected this trait with ADD, although I guess I should have. But then for most of my life I didn’t realize I had ADD either.

    • Jordan

      Because our nature is to be brutally honest and what you see is what you get with us!

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