Can you believe it's already the middle
November? Not only are the days getting shorter but the holiday season
is here! It doesn't matter what if any holidays you celebrate, you will
be affected by the holiday season.

think about that trip
to the store to purchase something like toilet paper. Going to the
store for toilet paper in the middle of September or October is a lot
different than going in the middle of December. In addition to actual
holiday planning and preparations we also need to be aware and prepare
for the everyday changes associated with the holiday season.

It's no wonder many people with ADHD
get so stressed out during the holiday season! There are just so many
changes which require planning! Planning is a big key to making the
holiday season less stressful and being able to enjoy the holiday
season. If you haven't already started to plan for the holiday season
now is a great time to start.

Believe it or not now is also a great time to begin working with an ADHD Coach too. Also, many people with ADD / ADHD get into the mindset of waiting until after the new year to begin thinking about the new year. An ADHD Coach can help you develop a plan to enjoy the holiday season and also help you to start planning for 2010.

What is your plan for enjoying the holiday season?

    8 replies to "Are You Ready?"


      Hi all, what are my plans for the holdiays… well first I need to finish this semester out .

      for thanksgiving our family bothside wil meet in pennsylvania to spend thanks giving. It is a whopping 21 people and 5 dogs. Lot of fun.

      Christmas will be at my sisters in Cincinnati… more fun with the teens college new, good food and fun.
      doot over Riley the dog since he had surgery on his leg.

    • Alisa, Brooklyn, NY

      The plan is to (1) shop as early as possible, and (2) enjoy an extra long week off between Christmas and New Year’s. What luck that both holidays fall on a Friday, Dec. 24 -Jan. 3 for 5 days off.. what a bargain!!

    • Garron

      Plan? What is a plan? Let’s go see a movie or ice skating.

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      ))) I agree with Garron. Let’s go see a movie! )

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