I'm still surprised at the number of people who begin ADHD Coaching with the assumption that an ADHD Coach will tell them exactly what they need to do. While some ADHD Life Skills Coaching programs like Adult ADD Bootcamp offer a step by step process, the role of an ADHD Coach is not the tell the client what to do. An ADHD Coach works with the client to help him or her develop individual systems and strategies.

ADHD Coaches use a number of different methods, strategies, and tools with ADHD Coaching Clients. One common strategy that ADHD Coaches help their clients with is to slow down. This is often one of the most important skills for people with ADHD to develop. After a person with ADHD gets in the habit of slowing down he or she can then start to pay better attention to things, develop better systems, and practice effective self talk. 

If slowing down is something that you have a challenge with now might be a good time to begin working with an ADHD Coach.

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    • Bruce C Ziebarth

      Once again you have written a very informative blog post. I have considered working with an ADHD Coach. I did not think about actually slowing down. I have been looking for ways to harness my “flightiness”. I learned a large amount, from this post.

      Have a great day,
      Bruce C Ziebarth

    • Diana Keough

      This is great information on ADHD and how to lead a normal life. I just added an ADHD/ADD community on my website, shareWIK (share What I Know) and would love your input! ShareWIK is an online community bringing together people of all areas of expertise so that they can share what they know. Keep up the great work, and we would love to hear from you!

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    • verlieben

      Good Day
      Its not actually my practice to post comments, but I thought I would say that this was cool.

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