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I'm writing this blog post from Sun City Center, Florida which has been unseasonably cold since I got here on Tuesday night. I am here until this coming Tuesday visiting my parents on vacation. I had planned on keeping my vacation pretty simple and had hoped to spend most of the time in the pool! It's been way too cold to go in the pool!! I had also planned NOT to work while I was here!!! I have been forced to re-evaluate my plan!

Well, here it is Sunday and after 4 days of not working, I'm back at work!! My creative ideas and my excitement are flowing. I am choosing to go with go with the flow and get back to work. One of the things I am really excited about is a new ADHD Coaching option that I will begin to offer on March 15th!

As many of you know, Terry Matlen and I offer online coaching through the ADD Action Club. As an ADHD Coach I really love the ADD Action Club and the online coaching format. In addition to the ADD Action Club will also be offering individual online Coaching too. Keep an eye out for more information about my new Unlimited Online ADHD Coaching package.


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