GroupOfwomen This past week during my ADD Coaching Club session the members on the call were talking about how great is to be part of a group and finally feel understood. It's not just that the members of the ADD Coaching Club learn new strategies and skills they also connect with other group members. They feel a sense of belonging with other people who also get it

Quite often adults with ADD / ADHD feel like outsiders when they are part of group. Groups can be overwhelming because of the number of people. It can also be challenging for Adults with ADD / ADHD to follow what other people are saying and actively participate in the group at the same time.

We do have great programs at where people can learn new skills and strategies and connect with other members. There are also live face to face support groups for Adults with ADD / ADHD. Listings for these groups can be found at CHADD and ADDA. People can also connect with each other through online communities like ADD Forums and Women with ADHD.  It's very important for Adults with ADD / ADHD to feel connected and a sense of belonging. 

What about you? What type of group to you participate in that gives you a sense of belonging?

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      12 step groups. I go to NA as well as others that are focused on substance abuse but I also find the groups oriented toward behaviors to be very helpful, such as debtors anonymous, clutterers anonymous, sex and love addicts anonymous and codependency anonymous to be very helpful for the sense of belonging you speak of.

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