Wow, I can't believe it's March already!! I know that April 15th may seem like a long time away but it's really not. It's really time to start thinking about your taxes and maybe even start working on your taxes too. Now is also a great time to work with an ADHD Coach to support you with your taxes. If your Clutter is getting in your way and you can't even locate or access your tax stuff then maybe it's time to Attack Your Clutter. 

What type of action will you take today with your taxes?

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    • What a great example of how adult ADD and ADHD can cause havoc in your life. It seems simple…just get all of your stuff together and do the taxes! Sometimes easier said than done. Children and adults with ADD/ADHD can get stuck in a negative feed back loop that further complicates their lives by making them depressed or anxious. This negative feed back loop works like this: You try to get the material together to do your taxes but your ADD/ADHD just stops you from really getting the job done. So you begin to think negatively about yourself which causes further delays in getting your taxes done. So the negative feed back loop sabotages your life! This sabotaging causes anxiety and depression. This would be a situation that would require help from a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Tomorrow Counseling Services can provide the extra help that that goes well with coaching of any sort. Check-out our web site:

    • Tess

      Well I did great getting our accountant our tax papers except that she called last week that she needed more information and I still have not gotten it to her.

      Just the thought bores me to death but Tara has inspired (or embarrassed me) I am going compile and email it right now!!

      TITLE: Six weeks left to file your taxes
      BLOG NAME: Adult ADD and Money
      DATE: 03/04/2010 07:20:40 PM
      There is only six weeks left to file your taxes in the United States. My wife recently wrote a post titled : Time to think about Taxes. The first thing I thought was that I need to think about filing…

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