Walk it Out! If you listened to Tuesday's ADHD Coach Talk episode about Anxiety and ADD / ADHD you heard Ronda Stone talking about how beneficial exercise is for both ADHD and Anxiety. Ronda mentioned that exercise helps decrease anxiety by 50%. Ronda also mentioned that when people have ADHD it can often be challenging to exercise consistently. 

I am one of those people who in the past found it VERY challenging to exercise on a regular basis. Though it's been challenging for me I have been exercising consistently for more than a year now. I've rotated between a few different things and while I've kept up with them, I can't honestly say I've enjoyed them.

Last month I came across the game Walk It Out for the Wii. I saw some great reviews for it on Amazon so I thought I would give it a try! Well the game is not only fun but it's some what addictive. Not only am I using it everyday but I'm playing it longer than I set out to. Yesterday I set out to play it for just 20 minutes and ended up playing for almost 90 minutes.

It's not just me who loves Walk It Out!. People are raving about it over on the Walk It Out Facebook Page. There are also reviews on the Walk It Out Twitter page and on other websites and blogs too. People who were once couch potatoes are now walking 5 and even 10 miles a day by playing Walk It Out!

ADHD and Exercise - Dr John Ratey

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    • Jessica Lee

      Nice review!

      Maybe my mild ADHD is one reason I like WIO so much because it’s easier for me to do this WIO based exercise more consistently, I do exercise at the gym and at home but even though it’s on a regular basis it is more prone to be haphazard than my progress with WIO has been!

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