Quick Coaching Tip from Tara

Pay Attention to what you have DONE. Many Adults with ADD / ADHD spend the majority of their time and energy focusing on what needs to be done. Start by spending just 5 minutes each day thinking about and recording 3-5 things that you have completed.

What have you done today? Share it here by posting a comment.

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    • Sharon

      I moved my content to my new website. I’ve been meaning to redesign my website from a static html site to blog format for months now. Somehow I managed to finally muster up the motivation to do it and the icing on the cake is I moved the content with it. A day later than planned, but it’s done! Though the presentation could use a little work yet. 😛

    • maggie

      I learned something new about the stability of trusses and taught it to my students. I got approval for an anti-smoking event to be hosted my the Gay-Straight Alliance club I sponsor at my school, earning the club some much needed visibility and validation within the school community. I got a troublesome group working on a project in one of my classes to actually get some work done for once.

    • Therapy4help

      The therapy may involve use of various types of massage, as well as a range of other bodily treatments to assist in recovery. In addition, a patient may be asked to perform some activities at home to help in the process of recovery.

    • Steve

      I’ve create a task list and I gave it the title of DAILY SCORE. I generated this list by sitting down and listing all the things that if I do in a day I know I will feel better. As my day progresses I check off each item. At the end of the day I hope for a score of zero because that means I will have had a very focused and positive day.

    • Lowrsr

      I think this is a fantastic suggestion. I spend entirely too much time stressing about what needs to get done rather than congratulating myself for what I DID get done, no matter how big or small. I managed to get across town and do an errand today that has been on my “to do” list for over a week. Yesterday I managed to do a number of “self-care” tasks and I also taught a fairly (for me) focused 75 minute class.

    • Charisse

      I agree with Lowsr. This is a great idea. Let’s see… I still have all three kids, although one is in two pieces (he broke his arm in Gym class, so that’s not my fault!) 🙂 I have been keeping up in my classes, been keeping my grades in the A-B range. I have started a philosophy club at my college. Settled on a major, and seem to be impressing most of my teachers with my hard work (and brains, I hope). That feels pretty good. I’ve also managed to keep my house cleaner for a couple weeks, than it has been in a VERY long time. I could even let someone into my room without being completely embarrassed.
      Yea! Go me!
      Now if only I could find my wallet…

    • Cressy

      Let’s see….
      I got the egg coloring kit for Easter early,
      I made a nice roast for my girls in the crockpot and they loved it and I went on a walk for the first time this spring…I live in Minnesota.
      I planned a meeting with a co-worker for tomorrow morning.
      Thank you for bringing this up because with my ADD mind there are sooo many things I want to do.

    • dedicated-add

      I completed my annual review (dreaded this time because of ADD). I have been doing much better since Dec.
      I actually built a beginning website this past fall.
      I cleaned up the house this past fall and have been very good at keeping it that way.
      I’m calling customers right away instead of procrastinating because it’s bad news. I finally accepted that it won’t get better if I wait.

    • Artist With ADHD

      There are three things I can be proud of accomplishing today. First I ordered backup batteries for my alarm clock. Second I attending my Weight Loss meeting even though I would have rather done something else. And lastly I squeezed in an hour long workout indoors since I skipped my outdoor workout because of the rain this morning. They are small things but things I am glad I got done today none the less.

    • Jacqueline

      Last night I stayed at work until I completed the reports our school psychologist needed! She has been patiently waiting for 4 wks for me to get them to her….. And they are finally done!! ( complete with color coded highlighter notes and matching paper clips… I can’t help it… I like things to look nice and neat) Anyway, I feel so much better! And I will try to use that success to motivate me forward and not let the dozens of other back dated tasks get me down. Now onto Declutter my house and at leasst THINK about where to start with my messy taxes!!!! ADDers Rock on! We CAN do it!!!! :))

    • Judith

      Let’s see. I took the sheets off my bed and put them in the washer (the puppy got mud all over them a week ago) I graded all the Geometry tests and posted them to the website before spring break began. Lastly, picked up all my clothes and shoes that are all around my house – on tables, floors, and furniture. Now onto cleaning the kitchen and bathroom before my grandbabies and daughter arrive tomorrow!!

    • Christine Ryan

      Your advice is sound and your blog is excellent. Our clients with ADD are also told to regroup each day and look at what they have done successfully.

    • Tara

      Lets not forget that you also spammed my blog too!

    • Fine fine I’ll use my real name ^_^

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