Damon_amc Okay, I admit it, I watch daytime TV. I've been watching the ABC Soap All My Children since before I was born. I was actually named after the character of Tara on All My Children.

I learned today that All My Children is doing a story line about Adult ADHD. The character of Damon is reckless, impulsive, and in trouble with the law. Last week they were describing his behaviors and I laughed thinking it sounded like a text book case of ADHD. On today's show they actually suggested that Damon might have ADHD.

It's going to be very interesting to see how the All My Children Adult ADHD Story line plays out. All My Children had a story line about Autism a few years ago and did a great job. The ABC Soap General Hospital has a story line about Bipolar Disorder and has raised awareness. I really hope All My Children helps to educate and raise awareness about Adult ADHD.

I'm wondering how they are going to make Damon's ADHD traits stand out, since the majority of the characters on daytime TV are very ADHD-like. I'm waiting for Susan Lucci's character of Erica Kane to be diagnosed with ADHD too.

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