I really try not to use my blog to complain and whine too often

It's spring now in New England and the pollen is really high. So right now I have seasonal allergies and a cold. The cold isn't really that bad and I don't need to be in bed or anything like that. I just can't believe how foggy and spacey I am!! My cold and allergy combo has really intensified my ADD!

I think I've also developed cold induced dyslexia too. When I was flipping through the TV last night I could not for the life of me figure out what Sarah Palin, Tall was all about. I was a bit surprised that A&E (or what ever channel it was) had given Sarah Palin her own reality show. After going back and re-reading the title a few times I realized it was the actually the movie Sarah, Plain and Tall.

Does your ADD / ADHD get worse when you have a cold?

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    • Tammy

      I just got over another virus, and pink eye.
      Also was allergic to the eye meds and got worse.
      Virus symptoms gone, but I just
      em some friends how I can’t get “Focused” even though I now have 2 hours of quiet ..alone at home!
      I tried eating, and drinking my green tea with Ginseng.
      I have paper work that needs to be done ASAP..Help!
      I am going to try going to bed at 11pm..
      and getting u a 5 am..
      Hope that works!
      Hugs, Tammy
      Portland, Oregon

    • Tom

      Funny you should say that. When I was a kid it was real common in spring for me to get really foggy-headed and spacey (long before I ever heard of ADD let alone was diagnosed with it) and now I realize that what was happening was that the allergies (and I had a ton of them) made my then-undiagnosed ADD much worse.
      Now when it happens (and not so bad with Ritalin), at least I know what it is.

    • Sharon

      Yes! I get worse any time I feel icky. What doesn’t help is when I feel sick, I don’t like to take my meds because they tend to make me feel worse physically.

      But I have to say that during this time of year, since allergies aren’t a big issue, my ADD is not so bad because the promise of spring boosts my spirits so much that I feel like I can take over the world.

      Harnessing that energy can be a challenge, but at least it’s there. 😀

    • David

      Thanks Tara.
      I was not aware that this was one of the sidekicks to my ADD!
      I thought that it was uniquely me!
      And here I am, the new ADHD coach and recently diagnosed ADD…
      Thanks again!

    • Mark

      Me too. I have had a clean driving record until last year. I went to work sick twice, once in the spring and once in the fall. BOTH times I had minor accidents resulting in high risk insurance. There is no doubt being under the weather affects my adhd. In the 90s I used to take alchaseltzer plus when I was ill and I found it helped me focus so it was not a factor. It and may other cold remedies have since been reformulated and give me too much brain fog to function. I wish the old stuff was still available.

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