Yesterday I sent out an email announcement about Tuesday's Free Teleseminar : Take Control of Your Time. I was amazed at all of the work related automatic vacation responses I received. 

Unless your work is specifically related to ADHD it's not a good idea to be signing up for ADHD related email lists at work with your work email address. Your place of employment does have access to your internet activity and your email account. Not only will they be able to find out that you are doing non-work related activities they may also suspect that you have ADHD.

Disclosing that you have ADHD to your employer is very complicated. In many cases the cons out weigh the pros of disclosing ADHD in the workplace and many people choose NOT to disclose that they have ADHD.

It should go with out saying that you should be spending your time at work doing work. However if you are using your work time for personal activities use some common sense! Use a personal email address instead or your work related email address.

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    • Tova

      this is really interesting! Could you be more specific about the pro’s and con’s of disclosing that you have ADD at work? I am coming out of an academic setting where it was helpful to have the accommodations provided, so I cannot imagine any downsides, although I’m sure there are many.

    • Bob

      Never apologize for having ADHD. I’ve tried the medicines; they worked for me. But They slowed me down so much, it made for a distinctly lesser life. I certainly do not use them now.

      Also,—-> never, never, never let a put-down go unchallenged. Be polite but direct. Study the weapons of conversational combat and diplomacy. Always use diplomacy first. If the attackers don’t back off, don’t be nice. Better to be disliked and respected than liked and discounted.

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