Neat and Simple Guide to Organizing Your Home OfficeAriane Benefit was my guest host today on ADHD Coach Talk. We had a great discussion about Motivating Yourself to get Organized. In addition to learning more about getting motivated to get organized, if you listen to the show you can also learn how to win a copy of Ariane's Book Neat and Simple Guide to Organizing Your Home Office.

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Yourself to get Organized

Excellent show! It's too bad that we so often acquire associations of "pain" to concepts as refreshing as being organized. For years, when I thought of or even SAW an organized space, I frowned on it, and even disparaged it in my thinking. When I began brain training (especially various meditative techniques), the entire desire and appreciation for cleanly organized environments blossomed as natural expression of an increasingly organized mind. It wasn't easy by any stretch. And you're absolutely right about finding the JOY in any type of endeavor so that it is PLAY rather than a chore. Organizing, cooking, etc. – there's a way to make it fun AND there are ways to set up the logistics so that it is easy to do.

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    • Melinda

      I’m interested in the brain training you mention, as well as the meditative techniques. As an adult with ADD, organization is the bane of my existence, and I would love to hear about the specifics of brain training. Would you please comment? I feel if I can’t get organized soon, I may go out of my mind! Thanks so much.

    • Tara McGillicuddy

      I didn’t mention the brain training. It was a comment from one the listeners. You can click on his profile in his comment at




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