Keys3 I know those of you who have read Yes, I lost my Keys and Dealing with my Lost Keys are on the edge of your seats waiting to find out how I found my keys! Though I'm a day late and a dollar short here's what I hope is the conclusion to my lost Keys saga.

Though I hadn't completely torn my house apart trying to find my keys I had stopped looking and made peace with the fact that were probably gone. Two weeks ago I was planning to meat friends for dinner and was just about ready to leave the house. I was all dressed and my hair was done. I actually had some extra time which usually doesn't happen.

I poured a full cup of coffee into a travel mug to bring with me for the ride. Since I had some extra time I brought it to my desk and sat down to finish up a little bit of work. I'm not sure exactly what I did but next thing I knew the coffee was all over the rug and my pants. My pants were drenched and there was no way I could wear them.

My first thought was to wash them and dry them but realized I didn't have time for that. So, I went into my bedroom looking for another pair of jeans. I saw a pair piled on top of a clothes basket. I grabbed them and something came flying out and hit the floor making a sound I hadn't heard in 2 months. There were my keys!!

I was so happy!!! Not only did I have have dry jeans but I also found my long lost keys!!! I've since created a new home for my keys! Let me tell you, my keys have been staying in their new home too. I made sure after taking the pictures for these blog post that I hung them up right after I was done!

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    • joe

      Wait a second… that means you hadn’t done the laundry in two months? That’s amazing! I wanna learn how to do THAT!

    • Mohammed

      These posts inspired me to write my blog. Whether it running around for a lost wallet which was under my bed the whole time or thinking my computer was stolen when it was under my desk these are experiences people need to read and I need to learn from with a laugh. By the way what I do with lost keys is always hang them near to my desktop because thats first place I would check lol.

    • Istanbul Flights

      Good tips, I noticed on today’s news that somebody else followed their GPS into a snowdrift and got stuck for a week, had to walk out. That’s just dumb, but this kind of thing happens even to people who have good sense. An old story: fellow driving up Snowqualmie Pass years ago spun out and went over the guardrail into deep snow, completely buried his car and no one noticed it for nearly a week. He had survival gear in the car with him and lived through it.

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