If you are reading my blog there's a pretty good chance you can relate to losing your keys. Losing my keys and going crazy trying to find them used to be a daily occurrence. I remember making my friends crazy when I lived at college. I had my student ID and keys on a string that I wore around me neck. Of course they weren't around my neck all of the time and would spend a good 5 minutes looking for them on the way to lunch, dinner or just leaving my dorm room. 

Over the past couple of years I've been pretty good with my keys. I usually left them in the same place. I also double checked to make sure I knew where they were well before I needed them. My key situation wasn't perfect but It was a lot better than it had been and I wasn't as stressed.

That was until about 2 months ago! They were really lost this time!! I couldn't find them anywhere!! They weren't in my freezer or my car's ignition! They weren't in any of the other odd places I had left them before!! They were GONE!!!!!!

What did I do? How did I handle my lost keys? I'll you know on Monday in my next blog post!

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    • Tom

      I spent my childhood dealing with this and finally got to where I leave them in the same place all the time. To this day, I still am forever checking my pockets to make sure I have my keys, wallet and blackberry.

      And every so often, I fall back into the habit of losing my keys or locking them in the car.


    • Linda Williams

      I’ve been there…so many times! Yesterday I lost my coupons I take with me to the grocery store. I get so frustrated…but losing my keys would have been worse. I can relate!


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    • Bob

      buy this device from Keymate – never forget your keys again!

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