Medication_rules As an ADD / ADHD Coach I educate my clients and help them develop effective skills and systems. I am not a trained medical professional and I can not and will not give out any advice about medication. I am able to let people know about ADD / ADHD medication resources though.

ADHD Medication Rules: Paying Attention To The Meds For Paying Attention by Dr. Charles Paker is THE ADD / ADHD Medication resource. It’s a 170 page E-Book. That means you will get instant access to the book once you pay for it. As long as you don’t print out all 170 pages and leave them on your floor it is a wonderful resource for people looking for answers and information about ADD / ADHD medications.

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    • Dr Charles Parker

      Hey Tara,
      Thanks for your kind remarks over here! We are on a mission together – to improve, thru the nuances of brain and body science, the delivery and management of ADHD meds with children and adults. Remember ADHD may be there 24×7, but in the end it presents as contextual, shows up in specific realities, not in others.

      Just did a new post over at CorePsych Blog on neurotransmitter evolution and Intuniv for those wishing to not use stimulant meds – who ever thought that glutamate would become an item of interest?

      Thanks so much!

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