Ari_tara I am really excited to announce that on Tuesday August 24th I will be leading a FREE Teleseminar through with Dr. Ari Tuckman.

We will be answering questions about ADD / ADHD. The live Teleseminar begins at 9:00 pm EDT (New York Time). If you can't make the live call that's OK. If you register before the start of the Teleseminar you will be able to listen to the recording for one week.

I hope you will join Dr. Ari Tuckman and me for "Everything You Wanted to Know About ADHD but Forgot to Ask.

Please note: If you were not able to sign up for this live Teleseminar you can still listen by subscribing to the ADD Audio Library.

    5 replies to "Everything You Wanted to Know About ADHD but Forgot to Ask"

    • Marrianne Memmott

      Tara thank you for making the Free Teleconference with Dr. Ari Tuckman available. I thought it was excellent and appreciated the work requested to put it together. I’m working on getting retested. (I’m 50 yrs old.)It helped me be more committed to learning all I can about my brain now. Thank you again! Marrianne Memmott, from the larger Chico, CA area.

    • Monica

      Tara, Thank you so much for offering these great opportunities to learn more about ADD and it’s effects as well as tools to assist me in living with it.
      Dr. Tuckman was terrific and I really enjoyed his insight and sense of humor!
      Your work and commitment it is greatly appreciated.
      (53 yrs old, Syracuse, NY)

    • Jade K.

      This was a wonderful conference. I also had enrolled my son into west ridge academy in utah. The helped him in understanding ADHD a lot more.

    • Mary Hanks

      I have recently found a website that has great information linking educators, doctors, parents and other adults involved in lives of kids with adhd. Two of my 4 daughters have ADHD, as well as several nieces and nephews. This website is what I have been looking for to help parents have information at the fingertips, like symptoms of coexisting conditions. Take a look.

    • vimax

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