ADHD_Marriage Tune in tomorrow morning between 8:00 am and 9:00 am to the NBC Today Show. They will be doing a segment about how ADD / ADHD affects marriages. Dr. Edward Hallowell, Robert Tudisco and Melissa Orlov are all scheduled to appear as experts. Melissa Orlov will also be talking about her new book The ADHD Effect on Marriage.

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    • Denise

      I missed it! Can you post the link I preordered your book

    • Mohammed

      Really interesting but I have seen couples who been fine with their spouse’s ADHD and made it even a fun relationship :D.

    • Veronica

      Hey everyone! Be sure to check out this amazing new video from Santa Barbara’s up and coming rock band!!

    • I can’t believe noone has suggested the obvious answer to the ADHD/ADD problem that is plauging our society. Our society needs to merely find the proper place within its self which will allow ADHD/ADD sufferers to flourish and allow them to finally provide a meaningful contribution to the betterment of our society as a whole. The challenge of the solution needs to be reasonably easy to institute while also equally benifitting both society and the ADHD/ADD subset so as to not cause undue discrimination of ADHD/ADD sufferes as currently exists. Under the current system of either ignoring the problem or diet and medication both society and the ADHD/ADD sufferers lose out. The ADHD/ADD sufferers either must under go undue struggle to fit into and be successful in modern society or they must turn themselves into a lesser version of themselves through the use of medication. ADHD/ADD sufferes often complain about being held back in society and that the merits of their crippling disorder are largely manufactured by the way modern society now operates, but obviously the rest of society is not going to completely change to merely suit the needs of a weaker, tiny subset of the population, so plans which better the live of ADHD/ADD sufferers must be devised to deal with the problem in a manner that will show clear benifit to society as a whole if society is to more efficiently function. I humbly submit a few common-sense approaches to the problem which would be of great benifit to society as a whole and also to the people suffering greatly from this crippling condition.

      As we all know, people suffering from ADHD/ADD do not do well under the confined and boring conditions of the modern education system and a large portion of the modern work environment, therefore society is obligated by the need to become more efficient and also obligated by the morality of compassion to find a new place within society for them which will fufill these two obligations. As common-sense dictates, people do well with people similar to themselves and also that people suffering from ADHD/ADD thrive in ever changing and exciting environments, particularly when working in the out of doors. The clear result of these facts gives us a course of action that is easily implementable and more than acceptable to both parties. ADHD/ADD sufferers could be organized into a series of national labor groups which would provide society with a source of free manual labor. While participation in these groups would be compulsory, ADHD/ADD sufferers would obviously view this as liberation from their current painful status in society and would be happy to get a chance work in the out-of-doors free of the cruel and unfair competition from normal people. These work groups would be a great boon to the currently deteriorating infrastructure of the nation and could also provide the much needed labor we need to work on a variety of other project which could help pull us out of the current economic downturn. Housing for the groups would not be an issue. The Federal Government, with its vast supply of land, should have no problem finding many out of the way locations for the groups to live, such as the scenic Nevada desert. The burden to the taxpayers to maintain these groups should also be virtually nothing as we all know how much more creative most ADHD/ADD sufferers are. As such, the ADHD/ADD people in the groups should be largely abe to fend for themselves to supply their groups with food and shelter. A further benifit f the work groups could also be found in the separation of male and female ADHD/ADD sufferers. By doing so, the degree of ADHD/ADD prevalence within the population would be greatly lowered in merely a few short generations. The ADHD/ADD sufferers would also be spared the guilt of causing future generations to suffer as they do. This soltion to the problem, while not perfect, provides a much more humane alternative to our current oppressive system.

      As we all unfortunately know, living with ADHD/ADD can at times be not much af a way at living at all, just as how a previous poster compared it to having crippling depression. Under this solution society would choose the most humane and noble decision to end ADHD/ADD people’s suffering, permanately. Some of you might wonder why the decision to mercifully put ADHD/ADD people out of their misery should be made for them as many of you assume they are just capable of accomplishing this task themselves. Unfortunately they lack the attention spans to even accomplish a task such as this that thousand of less afflicted people accomplish everyday. This solution would not just benifit the people suffering from ADHD/ADD as society would beable to put them to use even in death. For example, another tragedy that we are all aware of is the starvation of millions of loyal dogs through out the nation. The remains of the ADHD/ADD sufferers could be put to good use to also end this tragedy as well. I’m sure that they would have no qualms to end their suffering in such a noble and helpful manner.

      In conclusions, as any reasonable person can discern, my two proposed solution would be of great benifit to not only society as a whole, but also to the people who suffer from the crippling effects of living with ADHD/ADD in modern society every day. It is time for us to implement either of these solutions, as the suffering has gone on too long, and I fear that, if allowed to continue, the plauge of ADHD/ADD will become too horrible for us to handle, thus tearing the entirety of modern society assunder. We must act NOW to avert this crisis before its too late. After all, think of the children.

    • vimax

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