Be sure to watch the Dr. Oz Show tomorrow (Thursday 9/16). Dr. Edward Hallowell will be a guest on Dr. Oz to talk about how ADD / ADHD affects marriages. If you want to learn more about ADD / ADHD and Marriage be sure to register for the FREE Teleseminar  "The ADHD Effect on Marriage". Expert and author Melissa Orlov will be leading this FREE Teleseminar on Tuesday September 28th through

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      what if childeren have more than just adhd, i have two children with adhd, my son has it and might have altisum i think thats how its speeled , but he yells screams, and scretches when u ask him to clean his room, i would like to more on that thank you nicole boudreaux

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      It is apparent that in a story, I seen a lot in life

    • Bennie Keegan

      ADD/ADHD has nearly ruined the life of this 62 year old Mom. Along with my love of and performing of music, I gave my son the gift that keeps giving, and giving, and grieving all affected family members. I got diagnosed at 55 and it explained a lot of the disasters and failures that occurred. I can’t take any medication because it triggers my addiction issues which are being cared for by a great support system and a loving God. My question is, what kind of medication could be right for me? Thanks, Poofsukie

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