Wow, what a CRAZY week it was last week! My colleague Rory Stern and I hosted the first ever Online ADHD Awareness Expo! Thousands of people from all over the WORLD came together to find help and support for ADD / ADHD. It was a huge success but it was also a lot of work. As a somebody with ADD myself, I often forget how much work is involved in putting my ideas into action. This week I have a reduced work load and will be spending time traveling to visit family and friends. I'm going to use this week to re-charge my batteries!

Next week Rory and I will start planing for the NEXT ADHD Awareness Expo!

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    • Charlotte

      I’ve never heard of the ADHD Expo so I’m excited about your next one! As the mom of a 10 year old son with ADHD I found myself reaching the bottom of my coping bag of tricks in the past year. I searched the web but at first couldn’t find support blogs for moms. (I since have found LOTS of extraordinary ones!) Feeling alone and depleated I ventured out to start my own blog for moms. It’s primarily for me to use as an outlet but if it supports another mom or two, well, that’s a bonus! Love your blog! Charlotte

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