I got an email yesterday from a reader looking for help with Self-Motivation.

I would like to know how to motivate myself to ACTUALLY Catch up on the stack of paperwork on my home office desk.

If you've tried reminding yourself of the consequences for not getting your paper work done and you are also aware of the benefits of completing the paperwork and that's not motivating you enough, then maybe you need something other than self-motivation. Adults with ADHD often need external motivation. I suggest sitting down and brainstorming some ideas of who or what in your life could give you some external motivation to complete your paperwork.

This is also something an ADHD Coach could support you with. An ADHD Coach could provide accountability and structuree. He or she could also work with you to come up with systems which will help you be more successful.

A program like the ADD Action Club is also a great option. The ADD Action Club provides external structure, accountability and motivation. The ADD Action Club Coaches help members get their projects done and build momentum for continued success.


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