I received an email last week from somebody suggesting that I write more about changing the name of ADHD (or ADD). The person thinks that the term Attention Deficit Disorder is way too negative. I want to thank this reader for the suggestion but other than this blog post I won't be writing about changing the name. I don't think it's best for me to put my energy into getting people to change the name to something more positive.

It's more important for me as person with ADHD to be educated about ADHD and to find ways to live successfully with ADHD. As an ADD / ADD Support Mentor, it's more important for me to help educate and support people with ADHD. I don't see how getting people focused on trying to change the name will help me do these things.

However, there could be something I am missing when it comes to changing the name. If I am missing the point, please fill me in. How might me writing about changing the name of ADHD help you lead a happier and more successful life with ADHD?

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    • Onedia

      Nicely said and I absolutely agree.

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      i totally agree with the previous comment

    • Post Script

      Labeling is devastating, not always for the person with the ADHD looking into themselves but from the distorted expectations of those around them. Co-workers and clients treat me completely differently if they know that I have ADHD then when they don’t.

    • Andrew

      Labeling myself as having a problem with attention was extremely intelligent and adaptive. It directed my attention to the problem at hand. Now the problem is solved. No more medication. No more appointments. End of story. Labels can be intelligently and constructively applied, but only by intelligent and constructive people. In my experience that excludes a good many health professionals who insist on pathologising people.
      ( I am a health professional myself- and having been messed around by years of misdiagnosis, I am now highly skeptical of the qualifications of some of my colleagues.

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