Meetup1 Yesterday on ADHD Support Talk my guest was Ronda Stone and we talked about Isolation and ADD / ADHD. Ronda reminded me how important it is for people with ADD / ADHD to connect with other people. Ronda inspired me to schedule a support group meeting for my local Adult ADD / ADHD Meetup. I was planning to wait until 2011 to schedule one but decided to offer one next week.

If you are looking to connect in person with other adults with ADD / ADHD is a great resource. There are Adult ADD / ADHD Support groups all over the world. It's also pretty easy to start your own group. There is small fee but you can get sponsors to cover the monthly fee.

If you are looking for a sponsor for your group a local ADHD Coach would make a great sponsor. You can find a local ADHD Coach by searching the ADHD Coaches Organization member directory. Joining an affiliate programs like the one we offer at could also help cover your costs. There plenty of other ways to cover the cost too! Don't let the fact that there is a fee stop you from starting a group!

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    • online writing

      I want to join)) it’s so interesting!

    • sherlin

      People with ADHD have normal human characteristics to an extreme degree, with a poor ability to easily control them.

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