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Stress Relief via Mindfulness

Instructor: Mimi Handlin

Date: Tuesday February 1, 2011

Time: 9:00 pm Eastern Time (New York Time)

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People with  ADD / ADHD often experience a higher level of stress than others. There are many ways to deal with both daily stress and event-specific stress when it occurs in your life. Recent studies have shown that mindfulness training can benefit people with ADD / ADHD. It can help reduce stress, gain more control over the difficult traits associated with ADD / ADHD, strengthen your attention and generally increase your well-being. Mindfulness is a non-denominational practice with Buddhist roots and includes meditation and mindful awareness in daily life. Join as we welcome Mimi Handlin to discuss mindfulness as a way to reduce stress in your life.

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    6 replies to "Stress Relief for ADD / ADHD"

    • Sue

      I do yoga–but I haven’t done meditation–I guess I should try it.

    • Parent Help

      There’s something innately attractive about looking forward to a fresh start with new classes, new teachers, new routines, and the likes from adhd / add boarding schools . Many parents find themselves at a crossroads during these times when school is about to start. They begin to think that maybe a fresh start is all their children need in order to help them overcome their behavioral and academic patterns.

    • Stress Relief

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    • definition of stress

      I heard that a child with that kind of problem really experience a lot of stress that is why learning ways to relieve their stress is very important. I believe this article can really help a lot.

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