Okay I know April 15th is more than a month away and many of my readers aren't even close to being in the TAX mindset yet. I know there are many more fun and interesting things to be thinking about right now but it's really time FOCUS on your TAXES!

I want let you know of a couple of great artlices over at PsychCentral about ADHD / ADHD and Taxes. I was quoted in both articles so I do admit I may be a bit biased!

Tax Prep for People with ADHD: What to Do Now

Tax Prep for People with ADHD for Next Year

If you need a some structure and accountabilty getting your taxes done over the next month the ADD Action Club is a great resource.

Here's a quote from one of our ADD Action Club members:

Between the chat yesterday morning and this forum I've gotten more done in two days than I did for the past few weeks!

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    • Daniel

      this is the first blog i’ve seen on ADHD and taxes! Thanks for the awesome tips.

    • Daniel Amezaga

      Speaking of Taxes! I would rather have SUBTRACT! than ADD (:

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